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At Martinez Tires, we want you and your passengers to experience the smoothest ride possible. And as the experts, we know a smooth drive comes down to great tires. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with durable tires, routine tire maintenance, and thorough repairs. As the leading tire shop in Wauchula, FL, we’re here to make all of your drives the best they can be. As a tire dealer, we offer the highest quality car tires that will keep every passenger in your vehicle safe. We have a large selection of tires that vary in size and are suitable for harsh weather conditions and high-mileage driving.

Our professional staff knows what tire is the best for every driving situation and will help you find the perfect tires for your car. At our tire shop, everything comes from the top brand names in the industry, so we guarantee you’re receiving the best possible tires.

In addition to new and used tires, we also offer routine tire maintenance and repairs. Whether you need a new set of car tires for the year or repairs on your existing set, we have you covered. Call us today or stop by Martinez Tires to browse our inventory and find the highest quality, most affordable car tires in the area.

Tire Maintenance

New Tires

We carry the best tires from the most trusted brands in the automotive industry. Let our skilled staff set you up with the perfect fit and size for your car, truck, or SUV.

Tire Care Tips

Trust our experienced professionals to provide you with excellent tire care tips for maximum vehicle performance. From checking tire pressure to balancing tires as necessary, we offer sound automotive advice that prolongs the life of your tires.   

Tire Maintenance

We’re here to help with any alignments, balancing, rotations, and installations your tires need. We utilize our expertise in the industry to provide knowledgeable solutions for every vehicle.